Sharpening Investigations: Cultivating Intelligence With Half the Effort
Date & Time
Monday, September 19, 2022, 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Wren York

Combating financial crimes is a never-ending battle that typically consumes significant organizational resources, particularly of the human kind. While curtailing the increase of organizational resources is generally preferred, it typically comes at a high price: unwanted or unnecessary elevated risk exposure. So how can financial organizations attain more with less without cutting corners, sacrificing quality, or taking on additional risk?

Join this panel of experts and learn how today’s more sophisticated technologies can assist with:

  • Revealing enhanced data elements that can lead to improved processes and operations
  • Speeding up investigations and analysis
  • Improving quality and confidence in SAR/No SAR recommendations, and providing law enforcement with meaningful information
  • Augmenting human decision-making and improving asset allocation management by leaning on technology to conduct mundane operations
  • Avoiding program ineffectiveness associated with transactional monitoring false positives through effective application of suppression, segmentation, and hibernation techniques
  • Reducing risk exposures associated with talent-gap-related issues