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Garry Clement
Job Title
Speaker Bio
Financial Crime Prevention expert and advocate with over 40 years of experience. Garry assumed the position of Chief Anti-money Laundering Officer for Versabank in March 2022. Additionally, Garry is President and CEO of Clement Advisory Group. He relies on his 34 years of policing experience, having worked in roles as the National Director for the RCMP’s Proceeds of Crime Program, Liaison Officer in Hong Kong, working as an investigator and undercover operator in some of the highest organized crime levels throughout Canada. During Garry’s policing career, he received numerous awards and commendations for his investigative abilities, inclusive of recognitions from the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the CIA. He is the former EVP of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists. Garry has authored and/or co-authored several papers in national and international publications on organized crime and money laundering and his book; “Undercover, Inside the Shady World of Organized Crime and the RCMP” will be published in 2023. In addition to his writing, Garry has been qualified as an expert witness in organized crime, money laundering, drug trafficking networks, both national and international and Asian-based organized crime. He testified before the Cullen Commission and was one of the authors working with Dr. Leuprecht that provided a report on recommendations to improve B.C.’s financial crime capacity.
Garry Clement