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Graham Bailey
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Chief Operating Officer
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Graham Bailey has three decades of professional experience spanning financial services, risk management, business operations, and technology. His track record of delivering on customer needs is a testament to his focus on client success.

As the COO of Quantifind, a leading AI-powered Risk Intelligence Automation Provider to Global Tier 1 organizations, Graham leads the execution of the company's go-to-market strategy, leveraging his expertise to guide product design, development, marketing, and sales for private and public sectors. With a strong focus on solving the right problems for key stakeholders, Graham ensures that Quantifind's innovative AI technologies and groundbreaking KYC-AML solutions deliver value to their clients.

Throughout his career, Graham has held key positions where he led and influenced the evolution of risk management operations. With leadership positions at the Ministry of Defense to the Global Head of Anti-Bribery and Corruption at Wells Fargo, he has overseen critical operations functions such as MSB control center, Credit Investigations, and Customer Due Diligence. Graham was pivotal in establishing monitoring, investigations, and due diligence operations, supporting Wells Fargo's Financial Crime Operations. Additionally, he served as the Model Risk Officer for Operational Risk, Compliance, and Financial Crimes, demonstrating his broad understanding of multiple risk disciplines.

Graham's contributions include not-for-profit initiatives. Graham was a founding board member of a first-of-its-kind non-profit organization that shared risk intelligence across the top global financial institutions. The organization utilized public/private partnerships to fight money laundering and terrorist financing through cross-institutional, collaborative information sharing and investigations.
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Sharpening Investigations: Cultivating Intelligence With Half the Effort
Graham Bailey