Brent is a 21 year veteran of the industry and currently serves as the Sr. Director of Enterprise Fraud, Security, & Investigations at Ally Bank. In this role he is responsible for addressing fraud risk through establishment of the bank’s fraud program, including fraud prevention and detection, intelligence and reconnaissance, organized ring investigations, and deployment of the machine-learning, behavioral fraud risk engine.  Prior to this Brent served in various Audit, Information Security, IT Process & Delivery, Risk and Consulting roles across top US banks and external consulting firms.  Starting in 2011 he contributed to building a global fraud penetration testing (“red team”) service where he developed and executed external fraud control tests at several banks across US, Canada, and the UK.  In this role he successfully identified and (legally) compromised hundreds of controls at client banks to demonstrate weaknesses across Consumer and Commercial banking businesses and their supporting channels, systems and processes. Following his career breaking into banks around the globe, he joined Ally to assist with building their Consumer Bank Information Security Program which, once established, led to a new role developing the Fraud Risk Programs for multiple business lines within Ally.