Ben Wallach is a seasoned executive in the financial services industry with 25 years of experience.  Ben specializes in the art of protecting institutions (+4.5T of Assets) by focusing on the human element (+3T of customer deposits) – “If you know your customer well enough, the bad actor will stand out as an imposter”.  Ben has been responsible for strategic leadership of company wide transformational initiatives in the fraud, security & identity space, as well as tactical expertise in digital threats faced by the global financial services industry over the past 20 years.

Most recently, Ben is using his industry knowledge acquired vertically by leading programs at Regions, Wells Fargo, Citi, PNC and BB&T for the greater good of the entire ecosystem.  In doing so, Ben is focused on accelerating the curve for industries to adopt & utilize leading edge technologies, execute on world class processes and cultivate professionals that are critical to the future success of the ecosystem.

Ben currently advises executives for leading edge global technology companies that provide solutions across the Fraud, Security & Financial Crimes ecosystem.  Ben is also standing up a much needed career coaching service to ensure we meet the coming demand for experts in this ecosystem.