Rakesh Mirajkar is a Managing Vice President for Capital One Bank. He has extensive experience in managing financial fraud including credit card fraud and bank fraud.

In his current role, he leads the Customer Protection team at Capital One which manages fraud loss Mitigation, fraud strategy and analytics, risk policies and limits and Operations for all of the deposit portfolio. He is also one of the handful of Sr. Credit Officers at Capital One.

Rakesh has been with Capital One for 19 years and has experience in various roles. He started his career with the credit card fraud team in 2002 and has since played roles in product development for Upmarket internet portfolio, and then in leading the Collections early stage strategy. He has been with the Capital One banking division since 2010.

He actively participates on various industry forums and associations such as BITS, EWS,CBA, MasterCard US FAC, BAI and ABA. He is currently on the risk board of EWS and has played roles of being on the steering committee for BITS and on the board of ECCHO. He has recently joined the US FAC for MasterCard. He also has spoken at various conferences including BAI, Money 2020, ABA etc. on pertinent fraud topics.

Rakesh received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from University of Delhi and his MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIMA). Rakesh is married and has two daughters – 13 and 9 years old. Outside of work, Rakesh loves to spend time reading, playing poker and doing meditation.